Sunday, March 27, 2011

Grey Bearshirt

I decided to re-design the Bearshirt, make it a little more generic, instead of plastering my name and phone number across my sons back and front, maybe you can appreciate that. Now it reads to "Call my parents or Dial 911" and directs to the wallet card for more information.  Please post a comment, some feedback to let me know which you like? You can still order the shirt with any wording you personally want, I just thought this new wording might make everyone feel a bit safer. In addition I made the font larger and darker to read across the hand just like the wallet card. I think its a bit more visible. With every T-Shirt order you get a free wallet card. It's perfect for laminating at home same size as a business card, will fit nicely into the ID section of a wallet or in the ID holder of a backpack or notebook. The introductory price still stands!

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