Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Cilantro - Mercury Toxicity - Oral Chelation - kitchendoctor.com

I've been reading about DMSA chelation and the avoidance of cilantro and then I see these articles...

I see this...


I did some more reading and see this

along with a yummy sounding cilantro pesto recipe

then this http://www.kitchendoctor.com/herbs/cilantro.php and this one offers
first hand experience as a guide...

I found a post on my Mercury/Autism Yahoo groups page about Andy Cutler http://www.noamalgam.com and http://home.earthlink.net/~moriam/ANDY_INDEX.html

Wow those websites are really hard to read... just like an endless list of facts
and links.

I am at the point in my struggle with my son on the spectrum that I want to move
forward and I feel totally overwhelmed. I finally after waiting a year have my
son an appointment this month with the Arkansas Childrens's Hospital Autism
Clinic, looking forward to it with a mixture of hope and dread, I read that the
doc my son is seeing is a DAN doc which I thought was good until I was informed
that because he works for ACH his hands are tied and he won't be actually
practicing DAN then I find a post from a mom being fleeced by a DAN doc with no results who reccomends something called AC -- and makes me even more nervous. I have been
reading today about cilantro chelation.

I am a single-mom disabled myself, at the mercy of these B******s and Medicaid,
I can't pay $800 out of pocket to see a specialist, I can't even pay a $75
deposit and travel to some other city to see a visiting naturepath in a hotel
and (how safe does that sound anyway??) not sure which way to go, but I keep
thinking my instincts tell me that in the absence of money and professional
intervention (!) that 1 -stop the poisoning, 2 -get as healthy as possible , 3
-remove whats left anyway you can but without adding more toxins sounds SANE.


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