Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Bearshirt Redesigned!! No 911 reference... (Update on AYN)

I have to say to everyone, I am very sorry! I don't know what I was thinking when I designed the former BearShirts directing first-responders to CALL 911. I have redesigned the BearShirt to leave out that very dumb idea to call 911. Everybody knows how to dial 911, if they need to. But the police state that we live in is a very dangerous place for a non-verbal child (or adult!). Please, please, NEVER dial 911 for a domestic special needs situation! NEVER!! I am also redesigning the wallet cards too. I have about 500 right now that say "call 911" and they are going in the trash. So if you order a new t-shirt today there will be a slight delay in receiving your free wallet card, don't worry you will get it, just give me time to have them printed please!! Love to you all and BTW

Don't forget to follow the situation with Ayn Van Dyk, the little 9 year old Autistic girl, legally kidnapped by CPS following a wandering incident. We all know how these innocent kids can be victimized by the government. They are (confirmed by court documents) OVER medicating her as we speak. She has been in CPS custody for over a month now with no contact with her loving daddy Derek, or her mommy Amie, and her parents are working around the clock to raise awareness and get Ayn back home safely. Please take a moment to look at her story, join the Facebook group, sign the petition, donate to her legal fund, Join the Twitter team and tweet for awareness with me @AynLoves

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