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How to Care for Your Bear Chapter 1

A Bear is Born

Record tornadoes swept through Arkansas in 1997. On March 1st 1997 in East End, Arkansas (pop. aproximately 5200) only a few miles from our home; 15 people died, and 220 were injured in 2 category F4 tornadoes that hit on the same day. Of the 102 confirmed tornadoes in the US that month 16 hit Arkansas that day. According to a Service Assessment by the US Department of Commerce, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, & the National Weather Service dated September 1997, there were 25 deaths in Arkansas that day. 

I was not at home when the tornadoes came, I was in North Little Rock having lunch with my mother. We saw the sky turn a golden yellow from the restaurant window, but we didn't know what had happened. It wasn't until we were driving back to my house and discovered the freeway and most of the route home was closed did we see the devastation. I was in a sheer panic, knowing that my husband and two oldest daughters had been at home as we fought our way through the traffic, and road blocks. We drove past unspeakable devastation, saw trees twisted into impossible shapes, buildings that looked as if a bomb and exploded inside leaving pink insulation hanging in the remaining trees like cotton candy.  When we finally turned down my street, I could barely keep myself seated on the passenger side where I was straining to see my house. Then finally there it was, untouched with the sun shining brightly all around and two laughing little girls running out of the front door to greet me, and tell me about the tornadoes they saw in the sky. 

The devastation was awful, and the clean-up took a long, long time. Arch Street remained closed most days between Geyer Springs Road and Pratt Road, even weeks later, complicating my route home from town. 

I went into labor in the middle of the night, of course, and my mother drove me to the hospital. We barely made it in time, with all the detours and the fact that he was baby number four. None of my labors had ever been long, my first being only 5 hours in total. Arriving at the hospital, I found that as usual the trouble we had taken to "pre-register" had really been for nothing. I sat in the waiting room, screaming and hollering in hard labor while my mother unsuccessfully tried to answer questions about my health history and insurance by a clearly harassed and irritated intake nurse who seemed to think  it didn't matter that my baby might be born in front of her, until a nervous man in the waiting room came to my rescue, declaring that he was timing my contractions and they were less then 1 minute apart, so get a "damned doctor out here NOW". I wish I had been able to get that guys name, my hero. 

I did make it upstairs and even got mom to leave to go back to take care of the sleeping girls left at home, before my water broke. I was supposed to have an epidural. I didn't really want to have one, I had my three daughters all naturally. Well, as naturally as possible in a hospital anyway. But I had decided to have a tubal ligation and the doctor had said I had to have an epidural and do it all at the same time. That did not happen. 

There I was, laboring in a birthing room, waiting for the doctor and nurses to get everything ready in a delivery room. One nurse had confirmed I was fully dilated, but had not been able to relay that information to anyone yet when the anesthesiologist came in and began explaining the procedure to me while I panted heavily in between screams. She told me, 

"You'll have to keep panting like that about 30 minutes until the epidural takes effect." 

It was very early in the morning on March 6, 1997 and that's when I said, 

"Oh to h**l with that!" 

and began to push. The look of shock on everyone's face when my water exploded with that first push and sprayed everyone was just priceless. The doctor had just walked in the room, and he got his share too. At that point another contraction hit me along with another huge push. The doctor and the nurses all started scrambling, yanked me off the birthing chair I was already on, and tossed me onto a gurney and were dragging me down the hallway to the delivery room, the doctor shouting at me all the while, 

"Stop pushing!" 

Then poor Bear pops out, all by himself onto the gurney sheet with no one to catch him. He scraped his poor little nose on the sheet because it was so rough. The doctor deflated, stops the gurney and just stands there gaping at me, until I say, 

"Well, pick him up!" 

So a comedy of errors, as they say, was the situation. In spite of this his APGARs seemed good. The nurses whisked my son away to do what nurses do to babies who have just entered the world, unbeknownst to me, and all seemed right, or at least ok. 

Later that day, in the room alone with Bear, I noticed he wouldn't latch on to nurse. He just kept going back to sleep. But he had a struggle, and it was time for my surgery, so I let the nurses have him. 

I think it was the next day that I was still having trouble getting him to wake up and nurse. He just wouldn't latch on. A lactation consultant was brought in to help, and she stated that some babies have trouble "learning to suck". I thought that was a little odd, but within 30 minutes or so she had got him to latch on and he did nurse. He did seem to get better with practice after that. 

Bear nursed exclusively for just about four months. I had been having continued abdominal pain and the doctor declared that I had an infection in my tube from the surgery and insisted the only antibiotic I could take would mean I had to stop nursing, but "only for two weeks". I optimistically rented a good breast pump and took my medicine. Bear was heart broken to be switched to a bottle, but adapted fairly quickly. In fact it went so well that when the two weeks was over, he was no longer interested in nursing. So that was that. 

Apparently, that infected tube had allowed me to get pregnant again. I theorize that I was also extra fertile from suddenly weaning. Maxine was born        
in May of 1998, so you can do the math.

Up until about June of 1997, other then the nursing issue in the beginning, Bear seemed to be developing completely normally. 

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Reports of An Even NEWER Childhood Epidemic: Parents Terrified | The Thinking Moms' Revolution

Reports of An Even NEWER Childhood Epidemic: Parents Terrified | The Thinking Moms' Revolution:

“There is no need to panic and cancel your child’s bounce house rental. There is no increase in the number of BHRI in recent years. There have always been BHRI occurring at this rate, but these incidences went unnoticed or unreported in years past. BHRI is caused by refrigerator mothers who just don’t supervise their children on these play apparatuses, and don’t care if they get hurt. These kids who are getting booboos and owies from BHRI are genetically predisposed to these injuries.  We are just better at finding these kids now than we were 10, 15 even 20 years ago,” Fredricksmith stated."

Sound familiar? Read on...

Reports of An Even NEWER Childhood Epidemic: Parents Terrified | The Thinking Moms' Revolution:

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Enter to WIN a Vaccine Survivor Coffee Mug worth $10

This is the very first Rafflecopter Giveaway on You can WIN our newest product. The Vaccine Survivor Coffee Mug from valued at $10!
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If I Had a Nickel- Age of Autism -repost

From: Age of Autism Cathy Jameson on the all-time most popular bystander rhetorical question (that they don't really want you to answer): 'If I had a nickel for every time someone said, “How do you do it?” I’d be a rich girl. I’d have large pots lined with all sorts of shiny nickels. I wouldn't let them just sit there though. I’d add them all up and take those funds to share opportunities with others. I’d spread the love and I’d make sure no one was on a wait list for therapy or state aide. I’d make sure teachers were trained with our kids needs in mind. I’d help fund respite and peaceful getaways for every exhausted parent out there. I’d donate money to charities who gave back to families because so many are hurting financially. I’d pile loads of money into our kids’ health and into their siblings’ education. I’d buy out companies whose products destroy our bodies and our health. I’d do everything I could to turn our health care system’s focus into actually caring for our health. I’d make sure no one would ever go without ever again. Oh, to have all of that and more!...' If I Had a Nickel - AGE OF AUTISM By Cathy Jameson Several times in the last two weeks I‘ve run into an expression that I have a love-hate relationship with: “Cathy, I don’t know how you do it all. How do you do it?” Since it’s usually a...

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Shot By Police- Will Your Son with Autism be NEXT??

20 Year-Old Shot By Police Was Autistic, Family Requested Ambulance Long Beach Post‎ - by Sarah Bennett ‎ - 2 days ago Photo of David Jordan uploaded to his Facebook page September 8. His About Me description reads: "just tryin my best to be save thru life yes I...

  Police shoot dead autistic teen in parents - Daily Mail 3, 2012 – Stephone Watts, 15, was shot dead after being cornered by two officers in his parents' basement. Police say this is the tenth time in two years ...

  Utah boy shot dead by police was bipolar, autistic - Salt Lake Tribune boy shot dead by police was bipolar, autistic. By Nate Carlisle And Sheena Mcfarland The Salt Lake Tribune. Published March 19, 2012 8:02 pm. This is an ...

  Police Commission: LAPD Killing of Autistic Man Was Wrong - › News › Stories Mar 5, 2011 – ... the police commission overruled the police chief, saying that two police officers were wrong when they fatally shot an unarmed autistic man ... Family Says...

Autistic Man With Toy Gun Shot, Killed by Florida Police ... 1, 2011 – NORTH MIAMI BEACH – A man whose family said he was autistic was killed by police in North Miami Beach after pointing a real-looking toy ...

  Autistic Man Shot and Killed By Police in His Home | days ago – David Jordan, a 20 year old autistic man, was shot and killed in his Long Beach, California, home by police last Tuesday...

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Autism Awareness Para-Cord Bracelet - Fundraiser for ASDog4Bear on Facebook

Autism Awareness Para-Cord Bracelet - Fundraiser for ASDog4Bear on Facebook

*custom size*

This awsome Autism Awareness Bracelet is from BadBoyzDesignz 
For every bracelet ordered from this ad BadBoyzDesigns will donate $10 to help get an Autism Service Dog for my son Bear.  Visit our Facebook page for more information and updates.  

I bet your wondering why there is a picture of a pretty Golden Lab in this ad... Isn't she pretty? That is Sunshine- we just adopted Sunshine from the Malvern, Arkansas Animal Shelter with the help of Stop Animal Cruelty Now in Hot Spring County. We are going to train her as an Autism Service Dog for my son, Bear! SAC in Hot Spring County helped raise $400 to get her spayed and buy some starter items we needed for her training. Unfortunately while she was being examinied at the vet, Sunshine tested positive for heartworms. She will have to be treated and that will take up a good chunk of the money already raised. For every Autism Awareness  bracelet ordered BadBoyzDesignz will donate $10 to the fundraising efforts! So when you purchase this awesome Survival Bracelet you are getting, safety and peace of mind, as well as furthering Awarness for Autism and helping to raise money to help us make my families dreams of independence for Bear a reality. Please visit our facebook page for more information and updates about Sunshine at :) makes 

550 Paracord Survival and Designer Bracelets

Necklaces, Key Chains, Lanyards, Pet Leashes & Collars
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Ordering is easy, Simply follow the steps below 
DO NOT add any extra, we add about an inch to the bracelet for a comfortable fit.
1. Measure your wrist 
2. Place the item in your cart and indicate your size in inches in the comments.
3. You will receive a confirmation email confirming your order and size.
Once the item has been paid for we will ship it FREE with delivery confirmation through USPS


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Adapted Novels from

Do you have kids with special needs who are having a little trouble reading? Maybe you have an older child who is reading below his or her reading level? This might even be a great resource for adults with special needs or even English as a second language learning- Wonderful classic stories adapted to be easier to read and enjoy. What a great concept! I used to work as a substitute teacher in Florida and I subbed many times in the ESL classes with high school and middle school kids from other countries. I was a bit appalled at the selections available for them to use to practice reading. How would a high school kid feel being handed children's books like "Are you my Mother?" and "Green Eggs and Ham" while wonderful children's books you have to admit its pretty lame for a 16 year old. If any of these scenarios apply to you or you know someone I highly recommend that you send them to this link. Home - Adapted Novels:

I met JeffMcGunegle on My Autism Team the creator of and here is what he had to say...

"Thanks for checking the books out. I taught middle/high school students who have autism the last few years in a self-contained setting. The books give students who read on a 2nd/3rd grade level and lower an opportunity to access the titles that their general ed peers do. Adapted with vocab and character pics throughout, the pics give reference for memorization and keeping track of the story. We used these with very good success in our classrooms. 
I stress for teachers to use these books for integrated units. This means teaching all subjects from one chapter. This way the kids experience the books from many different angles. On the website, there are some excerpt downloads. The books are targeted to the classroom, but are great for the home." 

A few of the Titles available      The Celebrated Jumping Frog
To Build A Fire                                           Adventures of Huckleberry Finn

Leave me a comment after you visit and let me know how you enjoyed Jeff's Books! 

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Breathing Underwater With The Rev | The Thinking Moms' Revolution

I have become familiar with reading this lady's passionate posts on Facebook. A true Warrior Mom- I want to invite you to find out for yourself what an amazing Autism Mom looks like.

 Breathing Underwater With The Rev | The Thinking Moms' Revolution:

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Question: Should Cops Get Training to Deal with Autism?

Question: Should Cops Get Training to Deal with Autism?

 This was the question posted on that someone shared on Facebook today that got my attention. I feel that this is a question that comes at the reality of the situation at hand sort of, well... sideways. In my opinion the police should definitely be trained to deal with all relevant situation they may face.

The police are charged with the task of what we used to call "keeping the peace". In some areas, the words "To Serve and Protect" may still be emblazoned on the doors of the police cars. But the police are in a position to deal with criminals, thugs, gangs and drug wars. It is a very dangerous job. Once might argue that a person would have to be a very particular kind of person to be attracted to this line of work. There are likely some who see a world that needs help, and they reach for this service like a calling. But for the most part the most likely candidate who would want this sort of job long term... are the bullies.

I have been around a few cops in my time; dated a few, my step father was a well respected Staff Sargent in the Air Force Military Police. I have come into contact with police in other ways and I have only known one who wasn't a bully, my step-father. That being said; Yes, the police should be trained in all relevant scenarios. However I think the question we are asking is wrong.

Why? That's the question to ask. Why are we calling the police to handle a medical/psychological situation? Personally I understand Autism to be a result of poisoning. The disorder is still classified as a psychological disorder.  Mental health professionals are trained in subduing patients who are out of control. Your child in the throes of a melt-down is having a psychological event. Some evidence has suggested that melt-downs are akin to seizures. If you can't help your child to calm-down, then give him the space he needs to calm down on his own. Remove things from his environment that he can use to harm himself or others. Talk to him during a calm time about strategies he can use, my son has a room where he can go and shut the door.

It's frustrating sometimes that we have to wait it out. It's disruptive to schedules, and that's why it's a disability.

Unlike tantrums, meltdowns can leave even experienced moms & dads at their wit's end, unsure of what to do. When you think of a tantrum, the classic image of a youngster lying on the floor with kicking feet, swinging arms, and a lot of screaming is probably what comes to mind. This is not even close to a meltdown. A meltdown is best defined by saying it is a total loss of behavioral control. It is loud, risky at times, frustrating, and exhausting.

Here is the poignant expression of a 23 year-old girl who asked the question "How Do You Feel After Having a Meltdown?" on

 I usually don't remember mine like. I remember what happened before and after but its almost like having a seizure. I forget what I did or sometimes might have sound during the meltdown period and then sometimes I feel confused. Other times I feel weak and as if my body just drained itself. I just want to sit down and lay their wallowing in the pain still left after the meltdown occured too. Sometimes after, it becomes a depressive state where I feel like nothing can satisfy me or please me and I sit there panicking because not only am I depressed but often times I still feel upset and my mind is having a meltdown after my nervous system kicked in and reacted with the outburst form of it.


On February 2nd, 2012 the Chicago news reports that Stephen Watts, a 15 year old boy in Calumet City Illinois was shot to death by police. His crime? Melt-down. The report stated that the police had been called 10 times since 2010 and that all those times they had tazed the boy, but that this time while other officers on the scene did have tazers, the lead officer did not. So when the young boy lunged with a butter knife and scratched the lead officers arm, he felt compelled to draw his weapon and shot him to death. BUT the officer had received training in Autism, they had even responded to this particular boy in the past.

It's not my intention to blame the parents. They believed that they were doing what they had to do when they called the police. In fact one report states that the boy's father was following instructions from therapists to allow the "authorities" to handle the boy's melt-downs.

 Somehow a lot of people have come to the same conclusion.  Maybe Stephen woke up with a headache, and that's why he didn't want to go to school. Maybe he was feeling depressed or maybe he was being bullied- maybe he was just  tired. All these things can cause a meltdown. Especially when pushed. Why did Stephen have to die for that?

If your child's Doctor or therapist has told you to call the police to deal with a melt-down- get a new Doctor or therapist!

  Calumet City, Ill. - Calumet City police shot and killed Stephon Watts, a 15-year-old autistic boy, in his home Wednesday.

  Largo, Florida - Police called out to a domestic disturbance Thursday say they were forced to shoot and kill an 18-year-old man armed with a knife shortly after entering the apartment he shared with his mother.

27-year-old Steven Eugene Washington, was killed on March 21, 2010 when he failed to follow instructions from officers and allegedly reached into his waistband.

  NORTH MIAMI BEACH – A man whose family said he was autistic was killed by police in North Miami Beach after pointing a real-looking toy gun at an officer, police said Thursday.

 Let's just think about the common practice of tazing- Did you know that the UN has declared the tazer to be a "torture device" ? Read about that here while I go and calm down.

 PLEASE PLEASE Never NEVER call the POLICE on a loved one!! Never call a cop on your CHILD!

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The Concert is over but the goal remains...

The bands were amazing, RaeLynnda Maxx opened the concert with her debut performance, surprising the crowd with her strong vocals on a cover like Christina Aguilara's "Beautiful".

 Then Randy Harsey and Kevin Harris played their eclectic acoustical mucical stylings, Greenmark Blues was a real treat with his bluesey renderings, harmonica and a nicely done cover of the Man in Black. Donald Betzold was the special guest, owner of Central Arkansas Music Therapy he gave us a little information about his work with kids and a beautifully soulful and jazzy performance. Matt Joyce from NeverTrain came in and woke us all up with his fun performance, of covers and  a few of his own songs too. Then the guys all got together and jammed for a while with Justin Bank of Justin Bank and the Knights of Pulaski even playing some nice Elvis covers. 
Big Daddy's Dogs was there serving up delicious Nathan's All Beef hot dogs, their own signature chili sauce and homemade brownies, YUM! The Silent Auction included donations from the Country Porch Music Store, here in Malvern, USA Drug and Cherokee Bros. Leather as well as consignments from Victoria's Closet Consignments and Charity Sports Auctions. The items left are still available for sale on this site at rock bottom after-auction pricing. 
Even Channel 7 news peeked in and I gave them an interview that aired on the 10:00 News.
With such a wonderful evening you'd think we had hit our goal, or at least gotten close to raising the $10,000 we need for an Autism Service Dog for Bear. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.  
I don't have the exact final numbers ready just yet, when I do I will post a P&L statement here, but we raised around $600 and spent about $800 on the building rental and decorations and supplies. Which if you do the math mean me and my kids are gonna have a very short month since we live on only our Social Security and SSI. We thank those who came to the concert and bought tickets, from the bottom of our hearts! 
Next time, I'm going to need more help. A few people stepped up tp volunteer time and services and none of them showed up (other than the bands who were fantastic). Dorothy Jenkins my dear friend, who is 85 years old and uses a cane and a motorized scooter glued together the decorations and worked the door- stayed for the entire 8 hours without complaint, even though her scooter wouldn't charge and she had to walk instead.   Donnie Walters, the hired custodian was a gem, helping me set up and break-down the auction items afterwards and even hauled it all back to my house for me when I couldn't find a ride home. What a doll he was! 
There will be another fundraiser, and another until we meet this goal. My son will be 15 this year. The morning of the concert I read about Stephen Watts in the Chicago news. Shot to death by police for the "crime" of having a melt-down. His parents had called the police approximately 10 times since 2010 to manage his meltdowns, and he had been tazed by the police nearly every one of those times. This time they shot him dead. Please, please never call the police on your children. They haven't been in the business of "Serve and Protect" for a long long time now, if they ever really were.
My Bear has somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 - 16 meltdowns each week. Evidence shows that a Service Dog could cut that number in half, while also lessening the severity. In addition the care and training of the dog can help my son to make connections outside himself, to help him to learn crucial self-care skills and self-discipline that has so far eluded him. All of this leads to his one day having independence. To maybe one day be able to walk down to the local library, or the corner store.    Please help my son. 
View the Auction Items left over by clicking on the tab above, or make a donation by using the Google Check-out Button in the top right corner of this blog. You can write in any amount you choose to share. 
Victoria Meyers

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You can get more info about the Concert please click on the TAB up above this Post, or visit the Facebook page
We are also registered and have a website at

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Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence - YouTube

Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence - YouTube:

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Carly is able to articulate what it actually feels like to have "Autism" her description of her symptoms should have break through effects, these kids have been poisoned. I don't know if it's vaccines, or drugs, or chemical additives, maybe its all of them. I know that my "Bear" has made huge strides simply because I keep looking for better ways to feed him. I can only imagine how much more if only I could afford to have the diagnostic tests, and guided nutritional intervention from professionals who care enough to actually do something about this.

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Dr. Wakefield Is finally Getting His Day in Court

I just can't wait to see how this will play out. The majority of the story as I understand it is all about a David vs. Goliath struggle, and David is on MY team. Dr. Andrew Wakefield's research, as I understand it never really said that Vaccines cause Autism anyway, just that it was something that warranted closer inspection. The fact that he has been trashed by a media storm of lies, had his career destroyed, and still is coming back with support to defend his work is just astounding, and very telling. I believe that without bias his facts will stand up to scrutiny. His defamation lawsuit should be easily won, since what has been said about his research doesn't even jibe with what he actually said. The Dr. Wakefield Justice Fund has a website dedicated to raising the money needed for this lawsuit. I will support this fight.

"This is an 8-minute excerpt from the film "Selective Hearing" produced by Alan Golding."

The lies of Brian Deer - vaccines, autism and the Lancet 12 parents -

Followed by two other videos on the same thread.