Friday, January 13, 2012

Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence - YouTube

Autistic Girl Expresses Unimaginable Intelligence - YouTube:

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Carly is able to articulate what it actually feels like to have "Autism" her description of her symptoms should have break through effects, these kids have been poisoned. I don't know if it's vaccines, or drugs, or chemical additives, maybe its all of them. I know that my "Bear" has made huge strides simply because I keep looking for better ways to feed him. I can only imagine how much more if only I could afford to have the diagnostic tests, and guided nutritional intervention from professionals who care enough to actually do something about this.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dr. Wakefield Is finally Getting His Day in Court

I just can't wait to see how this will play out. The majority of the story as I understand it is all about a David vs. Goliath struggle, and David is on MY team. Dr. Andrew Wakefield's research, as I understand it never really said that Vaccines cause Autism anyway, just that it was something that warranted closer inspection. The fact that he has been trashed by a media storm of lies, had his career destroyed, and still is coming back with support to defend his work is just astounding, and very telling. I believe that without bias his facts will stand up to scrutiny. His defamation lawsuit should be easily won, since what has been said about his research doesn't even jibe with what he actually said. The Dr. Wakefield Justice Fund has a website dedicated to raising the money needed for this lawsuit. I will support this fight.

"This is an 8-minute excerpt from the film "Selective Hearing" produced by Alan Golding."

The lies of Brian Deer - vaccines, autism and the Lancet 12 parents -

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