Monday, February 6, 2012

The Concert is over but the goal remains...

The bands were amazing, RaeLynnda Maxx opened the concert with her debut performance, surprising the crowd with her strong vocals on a cover like Christina Aguilara's "Beautiful".

 Then Randy Harsey and Kevin Harris played their eclectic acoustical mucical stylings, Greenmark Blues was a real treat with his bluesey renderings, harmonica and a nicely done cover of the Man in Black. Donald Betzold was the special guest, owner of Central Arkansas Music Therapy he gave us a little information about his work with kids and a beautifully soulful and jazzy performance. Matt Joyce from NeverTrain came in and woke us all up with his fun performance, of covers and  a few of his own songs too. Then the guys all got together and jammed for a while with Justin Bank of Justin Bank and the Knights of Pulaski even playing some nice Elvis covers. 
Big Daddy's Dogs was there serving up delicious Nathan's All Beef hot dogs, their own signature chili sauce and homemade brownies, YUM! The Silent Auction included donations from the Country Porch Music Store, here in Malvern, USA Drug and Cherokee Bros. Leather as well as consignments from Victoria's Closet Consignments and Charity Sports Auctions. The items left are still available for sale on this site at rock bottom after-auction pricing. 
Even Channel 7 news peeked in and I gave them an interview that aired on the 10:00 News.
With such a wonderful evening you'd think we had hit our goal, or at least gotten close to raising the $10,000 we need for an Autism Service Dog for Bear. Unfortunately nothing could be further from the truth.  
I don't have the exact final numbers ready just yet, when I do I will post a P&L statement here, but we raised around $600 and spent about $800 on the building rental and decorations and supplies. Which if you do the math mean me and my kids are gonna have a very short month since we live on only our Social Security and SSI. We thank those who came to the concert and bought tickets, from the bottom of our hearts! 
Next time, I'm going to need more help. A few people stepped up tp volunteer time and services and none of them showed up (other than the bands who were fantastic). Dorothy Jenkins my dear friend, who is 85 years old and uses a cane and a motorized scooter glued together the decorations and worked the door- stayed for the entire 8 hours without complaint, even though her scooter wouldn't charge and she had to walk instead.   Donnie Walters, the hired custodian was a gem, helping me set up and break-down the auction items afterwards and even hauled it all back to my house for me when I couldn't find a ride home. What a doll he was! 
There will be another fundraiser, and another until we meet this goal. My son will be 15 this year. The morning of the concert I read about Stephen Watts in the Chicago news. Shot to death by police for the "crime" of having a melt-down. His parents had called the police approximately 10 times since 2010 to manage his meltdowns, and he had been tazed by the police nearly every one of those times. This time they shot him dead. Please, please never call the police on your children. They haven't been in the business of "Serve and Protect" for a long long time now, if they ever really were.
My Bear has somewhere in the neighborhood of 7 - 16 meltdowns each week. Evidence shows that a Service Dog could cut that number in half, while also lessening the severity. In addition the care and training of the dog can help my son to make connections outside himself, to help him to learn crucial self-care skills and self-discipline that has so far eluded him. All of this leads to his one day having independence. To maybe one day be able to walk down to the local library, or the corner store.    Please help my son. 
View the Auction Items left over by clicking on the tab above, or make a donation by using the Google Check-out Button in the top right corner of this blog. You can write in any amount you choose to share. 
Victoria Meyers

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