Sunday, March 17, 2013

Autistic Girl Arrested - Police Assumed her Disability was Drunkeness

Autistic girl spent ten hours in a cell because police wrongly thought she was drunk | Mail Online:

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Autistic Melissa Jones, pictured, has been through 'hell' after police wrongly believed she was drunk

This is another example of why I designed the BearShirt as a way for persons with Autism or any "Invisible " Disability, those who may become non-verbal or incoherent at times. The police as well as any first-res-ponders need to be trained properly to recognize disabilities.

On the other hand, this story is atrocious even for reasons that really have nothing to do with disability. Here is a young girl; 17 year old Melissa Jones- who has just been ATTACKED by someone in public. Eight witnesses saw the attack and because the girl was traumatized by her experience she is arrested?  The subsequent cover-up of the bungling cops by simply dropping the case against Melissa should not, in my opinion, be tolerated. As I understand it Melissa suffered for several months the anxiety of being falsely accused, even becoming suicidal. Going through a process like this is a trauma even under normal circumstances. Where is the justice for Melissa?

It appears by the actions of police all around the world that a pattern of thuggery has developed. Training is lacking. Abuse is rampant. What is the answer?

Listen to this interview on BBC News UK with Melissa s mother, Christine Evans as she explains how events transpired that evening.

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