Friday, June 7, 2013

There's a Bear in the Spa City!

Introducing my newest blog to reflect the newest changes in my life. We have officially moved to the Hot Springs National Park in Hot Springs, Arkansas. If you are not familiar with this part of the country- yes you can live in a National Park, at least you can live in this one. Google it if you like; the zip code is 71901. As we are still on foot, we moved to this area from Malvern specifically to be able to have better access to the bus and other services for my son Bear as well as my budding musician daughter, Maxine.
We have been here in the Spa City just a month and we have hiked all over town and used all three bus routes :) when it occurred to me that we are getting to see a Hot Springs that is pretty interesting in and of itself. A little different take than the normal "tourist view". I am a big fan of being a tourist of your own city and I love a city with culture and style like this one.
So if you want to join me, I will begin taking you on a tour of the Hot Springs I know, the city behind the Spa - so to speak :)
We will explore the services available to families with special needs, explore the ins and outs of getting a special needs kid into and hopefully through to the other side of college and maybe help Maxine launch her music career as well. AND we will apparently do it all on foot!
What fun, glad to have you along for the ride... er walk.

Bear -n- Sunshine enjoying some local music at the  Hot Springs Farmers Market

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