Thursday, December 11, 2014

How Cops Respond to a Parent and An Autistic Young Adult

Post by Alice Thacker.

Found on Facebook post by Florida Cop Watch at Marion County Sheriff's Office
From Mr. Sherman, a resident of ‪#‎MarionCounty‬‪#‎Florida‬:
"On 5-18-14 I received a call from my 22 year old autistic son. So I immediately got in my truck and went to where my son was being ticketed. As I drove up on the right hand side of the road adjacent to my son's car, I did not leave my vehicle, I kept it running. The officer turned around and asked "can I help you?" I said "I'm his father." The officer yelled at me to leave the premises. I stated "I'm his father, and just wanted to tell you he's autistic." He turned around and said, "Leave or you'll be arrested!" He started walking towards me and said "you're under arrest." I said, "for what?", I kept saying over and over all I wanted to do was tell you he's autistic. He just replied, "you're under arrest." But I was sure I hadn't broken any laws. This was when I said, "no I'm not under arrest, I haven't done anything." I was still sitting in my truck with the door closed when another officer drove up. The other officer opened my passenger door and proceeded to climb in and push me out. As I came out, I was standing in front of the officer, and he grabbed me and tried to throw me on the ground. When I didn't fall down he tased me (and I have heart trouble). I went down on my knees, then both officers jumped on me and slammed me into the pavement. They handcuffed me laying on the ground and put the taser to my lower spine and tased me four more times. I was put in the police car and taken to jail, where I posted bond."
*** ACCOUNTABILITY CHECK (3) Let's get Roy Sherman's charges dropped! CALL Brad King, State Attorney at 352-671-5800 & EMAIL FDLE - Florida Department of Law Enforcement at , (reference case # 42-2014-MM-3929-A)
Roy L. Sherman is facing 3 criminal charges for allegedly "assaulting a police officer & resisting arrest".
You can also file a complaint with the State Prosecutor: (Officer involved is FRANCO PORCELLI - Badge 5505)
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